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Databeers Madrid XXVI

Hello data-drunks!

Here we are! With the new year, we keep bringing the best data stories from rock-star data scientists in Madrid paired with the best beer! “Even better beer than last time?” You’ll be probably asking yourself, and the answer is YES! As we are proudly sponsored by Mahou - San Miguel, supporting our noble task of spreading data culture.

Our exciting lineup of brilliant speakers is as follows:

  • Patricia Callejo (IMDEA & UC3M) - “Auditando la publicidad online sin depender de nadie!”

  • Pelayo Arbués (Idealista) - “Busco Piso”

  • Cristina Casas - “Cómo aplico metodologías del siglo XXI al BI del siglo XX”

  • Nacho Calle (Maldito Dato) - “La importancia de los datos para que no te la cuelen”.

(Thanks speakers)

The event will happen on Tuesday January 29th at 19:00 at Campus Madrid. As the event keeps growing we need to properly manage assistance so,  
please REGISTER HERE. Please remember that if something comes up in your agenda and you cannot make, you’ll be a better person if you cancel with time so other people can join.

Be data, spread the word and invite your friends to become data-drunks because, as you know, the more the merrier!

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