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IoT Madrid Forum Network - Afterwork

  • Hotel ME Madrid Plaza de Santa Ana Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, 28012 Spain (mapa)

Marcos Pallás, director de ventas de Gas y Electricidad para el mercado residencial de Cepsa y Alicia Mancheño, Country Manager de Alizent

About this Event

Dear new member,

Imagine just a second that you are at the heart of decision making in IOT? Imagine that you could once influence this fast growing business in Spain and in Europe?

You have now this chance together with the outstanding members of this network initiative to make value of your business card!

We meet once per month in Madrid and share good time and thoughts around IOT.

This is now the moment, this is your opportunity. Welcome to IoT Madrid Forum Network

Kindest regards, 

Team of IoT Madrid Forum Network